How many retired people do you know? How many of them are healthy and wealthy? Now let me ask you, how much time you have before you retire? Are you ready for retirement? Will you be ready for retirement?

With the typical cost of care in the UK being around £1500 – £2000 per month, it is common for people without savings to have an order placed on any property that they may own.

Landlords and Retirement

It is not often that landlords manage to keep the whole of their portfolio when they retire, usually this is due to changes in their circumstances as they approach retirement age. It seems that no matter how hard you try and plan, things will change. it may be your health or a government tax change.

So what can you do to protect your retirement income from care fees and the tax man (well as much as you can fron the tax man anyway).

  • First of all, you need to protect your own house from charges.
  • Then protect any property that is for your children
  • Finally, make sure you protect your care package wishes

How do you get those things done?

Simple contact us and we will help you review your plans, property potfolio and ensure that you protect your assets in the future.

Our specialist teams are looking forward to working with you.